neiaD began his discographic career with the released of his first album "neiaD" with the label "Antartida Records" and with the New Yorker "FoxyMelody" for distribution in online stores, later they edited their successive albums with the label "Artik Projects". Also they released with the British label "Hilldrop Records" and the Chilean "Daidalos Records" in different formats.

On the other hand neiaD works on films projects as "Mandatory Sense" (premiered in cities like Chicago or New York) or "Conditional Surfaces". They have been published and valued on international journals by the critic Charlie Ashcroft (Artrocker Magazine) among others or interviewed in press and radio, for example, by "El Correo", "Sevilla Disonante" or "Subversivo Radio Libre". In the same way, neiaD has participated in numerous festivals, concerts and events around various European cities such as London, Barcelona, Seville and Madrid. Also, they have been selected for the 2020 International Songwriting Competition and by ReverbNation's independent artist supporting program.

The conceptual gambling obsession in both forms and content is the cornerstone of the group, taking diverse and uncommons influences. The base of the sound of neiaD is a compilation of the timbric of classic jazz-rock and electronic, but also we try to experiment with newfangled and twisted.



neiaD ako Daien

Release Date: July 2011

Labels: Antartida Records

          Artik Projects

Release Date: Jan 2013

Label: Artik Projects




Release Date: Mar 2016

Label: Artik Projects




Release Date: Jun 2019

Label: Artik Projects

English / Castellano Session I

Release Date: Sep 2019

Labels: Artik Projects

Live Studio

Session I


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Release Date: May 2021

Label: Artik Projects

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